About Us

We’re a web design company that specializes in WordPress web design and UI/UX. We design in photoshop for WordPress and work with teams of talented developers to create our visions.

About Us

The Quirky Designer offers custom website designs which by far, stay ahead of the other competitors. We offer not only a lavish front-end design. We also develop everything with an intuitive design which guides the user from the flow of actions you need them to follow. Your site must be intelligently made to stay in line with your brand and symbolize your company in a professional way as your website is always socializing.

The Quirky Designer design professionals and development teams are skillfully proficient in creating and improving websites designed to highlight your company while assisting in optimizing your revenue.


We specialize in WordPress. We use WordPress as a platform to create powerful, stunning, high-performance websites. We’ll build the site customized to your particular company needs that work well across all gadgets. Our team of experts can follow you in every single stage: from your idea to the creation of your site. Our web application development methodology is an excellence of technology and we give you the best suitable answer which best serves our partner’s needs.

We’re keen about producing stunning, well engineered and easy-to-use WordPress websites, plugins, and themes. We have been in the field for many years and utilizing WordPress exclusively since 2010. We provide work to the very best standard and love pushing the bounds of what WordPress are able to do.

Our virtual team permits us to manage projects of all sizes and shapes and also to make use of a broad pool of expertise and knowledge at any moment. This provides us the flexibility to handle bigger WordPress projects and scales down and up when necessary.

We take great pride in our personal and professional method, listening carefully to your demands to provide the perfect service to you.


We’re interested in an intuitive user experience simply because the user is truly the one who is the focus on. We concentrate on the needs and wants of the user to make impressive solutions through our own expertise in Research, Strategy, and Design methodologies.


Simply by researching users in the guidelines of their environment, and accumulating right information regarding the user to produce a well-informed view of the visual experience. Our in-depth product research develops insights and gives light extra techniques. This guarantees simplicity of use of the design and minimizes the necessity for costly re-work just before an investment is done in development. In the end, our methods allow us to innovate empathetically and stay centered on the user.


Furnished with our research findings, we can easily plan along with our customers the best route to get to market. As partners, we look past the limitations of thinking when it comes to functions and features and launch into thinking about the true holistic needs of individuals who’ll utilize the product. We use a blend of strategy tools which could differ depending on the particular project and client requirements. The outcome is that we set up purposeful user experience techniques for the customers, success analytics, deliverables, as well as long-term governance.


We generate digital experiences for almost any platform which represent your vision, brand, and end-user needs. Using the Research and Strategy results, we start by getting the iterative design process. Via a number of collaborative methods, we ignite not just the development of individual screens but also produce a constant and reusable design language while we advance through interaction and graphic design. During all this, we maintain the user in the center of each decision. This enables the synthesis of ideas to encapsulate the whole user experience, beyond just one isolated product interaction, while keeping it as a couple of actions, ideas, emotions, and feelings which start the instant a user awakens to the moment they fall asleep in the evening.