All You Need To Know About On-Site SEO

If you are a small business owner, the chances are that you have been told your company needs a website to reach a wider audience of potential clients. Online exposure or presence is the means of making money in today’s society; therefore, it is important to be aware of internet marketing tools. Of course, many people are already aware of this fact on some level, and most companies have websites, but not all of them are successful. Online success relies greatly on something known as search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a type of digital marketing where the company’s website is modified to increase traffic. This is done primarily by optimizing the website for a final result of the website ranking high on a search engine results list. For example, a successfully optimized website is one that will rank on the first page of Google. By doing this, the company is likely to have many visitors to the website and increase the number of potential clients.

For SEO to be successful, it is necessary to complete different types of techniques as part of the SEO strategy. There are two types of SEO categories namely on-site and off-site SEO. This article will discuss on-site SEO and the aspects related to this category of search engine optimization.

What Are The Basics Of On-Site SEO?


On-site SEO can be considered one of the most important aspects of any successful website. It deals primarily with, as the term suggests, all optimized factors on the website; whereas, off-site SEO deals with the external aspects of the website. The reason it is so significant is that the internet is comprised of billions of websites on all topics imaginable and for a potential customer to find you they will need to use particular search keywords.

For example, when an individual Google searches ‘blue widgets‘ the search will present millions of results related to blue widgets or with the term ‘blue widgets’ in the description. People may wonder how Google knows which websites are related to blue widgets in the first place. The answer is through the use of on-site SEO.

By strategic placement of keywords, URLs, meta descriptions, headers, and content, it is possible to optimize a website for Google spiders to note that it is relevant to a specific topic. The spiders analyze the strategically placed items and determine page ranking on this SEO.

For example, using ‘blue widgets’ once again, a website selling blue widgets must be optimized to indicate that there is a relation between blue widgets and the company. The website content will introduce the ‘blue widgets’ keyword into their content placing it strategically in paragraphs, descriptions, and headings. When Google comes across the website, it will be able to analyze the information and find that the website is suitable for ranking when a person searches ‘blue widgets’.

While on-site SEO seems quite simple, it can be complicated and if not used appropriately can be detrimental to the site. Keywords need to be used sparingly and correctly, or the spiders will ignore the website completely. For example, if ‘blue widgets’ is used too many times in the content the search engine will consider it overstuffed and refuse to rank. Each time this happens, you will miss the opportunity to direct clients to the website.

How To Avoid On-Site SEO Mistakes


One method to avoid errors in on-site and off-site SEO is to hire professionals in the industry. While it is possible to complete SEO tasks independently, professionals have knowledge of search engine optimization that a ‘newbie’ will not. In fact, many campaigns designed by professionals are far more effective than those created by inexperienced individuals.

Unfortunately, most people feel that cost is a problem when it comes to hiring a professional SEO team. Yes, it is true that some agencies do present with high set-up costs; however, these are often less expensive than paying for separate items when running an independent campaign. It is important to take all the factors into account when choosing the strategic path to follow.

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